FR. MIKE PHOTO1Message from Father Mike

Dear Friends, I invite you to join me in thanking our God for all of his blessings and goodness: God is good; all the time! All the time; God is good!By the grace of God, I come to you as your pastor.

When I was ordained six years ago, I chose as my spiritual motto the words from Psalm 89:1 – “I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations”. Truly, God has been so faithful and He will always be faithful – no doubt about that – and, I can assure you that He is not done with us yet! It is not by chance that our paths have met.  It is God’s plan and all we can say is “Thy will be done.”

Moreover, it is with great joy that I write these words. I am happy to start my very first assignment as pastor here at St. John the Baptist and St. Terence. While I was born long after Cookie and the Cupcakes, and grew up in a small village in the Central part of Kenya, East Africa, I never thought I would one day set my foot in the land of the “Mathilda” song. But, here I am in Many – and I am so happy and excited about it!

It has been a long and challenging, yet fulfilling journey. My journey started when I was born to a big cradle-Catholic family. I am ninth in a family of thirteen. It is a journey that has taken me from my native country so that I may undertake the mission of Christ among you. (I belong to a religious order, Franciscan Missionaries of Hope, a.k.a. Lyke Community, that was founded in Nairobi, Kenya. The Lyke Community has its members serving here in America and in our homeland, Kenya). It is a journey for a mission! I really look forward to making the next steps of life together with you.

I believe that God called me to be a happy priest and to responsibly enjoy the good things He created for His glory. So far, so good! I enjoy eating good food and I am not afraid to try new foods. Vegetables, fruits, fish, and sweet potatoes are my favorites. Occasionally, baked or grilled chicken, pork chops, barbeque, shrimp, crawfish tails and gumbo will grace my dining table. It is not easy to name all the foods I like but as I said, I am not afraid of trying. If it is edible, I will try it.

I enjoy good music. It relaxes me. I also enjoy riding my bike, movies, running, watching sports such as basketball, soccer, football, Olympics, and my all-time favorite, wrestling. I enjoy traveling, meeting new people, making new friends, and seeing places. I love people! I love nature!

As I conclude, I sincerely thank Bishop Michael Duca for giving me this opportunity to serve you. I see myself as a shepherd and I believe that together, under the care of the Good Shepherd, we will soar to greater heights of spirit-filled lives. Together we will continue our journey of faith and love, and I pray that we will all have many happy and blessed moments.

May the good Lord bless you. I wish you and your families a Happy Fourth of July!

In Christ,

Fr. Mike Thang’wa, FMH

Pastor, St. John the Baptist and Saint Terence Mission




Bishop Michael G Duca has recently announced the appointment of Father Michael Thang’Wa as pastor of Saint John the Baptist and Saint Terence, effective June 29, 2016.

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